Thursday, February 7, 2008

Intro to my campaign

To decide what I wanted this blog to be about was a very hard process. After much consideration I decided to choose something that would force me to be productive outside of work and school, rather than sitting at home getting upset at (or consumed with) what I find on TV.

Last semester I took BECA 301-Media Literacy in the Electronic Culture, which is how I became familiar with guerilla media. Although I liked the idea of the required Guerilla Media Project, I was not happy with having to work with other people. I think everyone has been in this situation, where your group members are extremely difficult to contact and agree with, and you just wish that you were working alone. This time I'm going to do this the right way: by myself.

I'm planning a Guerilla Media Campaign to create awareness about various issues and distribute information in clever ways, then blog about it! For me, this is a way to creatively express some thoughts on issues which interest me and share them with a wide audience. I think that the more issues I approach, the wider my audience will be. I know this may be a large project to attach to this class, but it is something that I hope to accomplish alongside the rest of the work I have ahead of me this semester. I feel like this is an idea I can take many different ways, and I am excited to share the course of activities I approach throughout the following weeks.

After deciding on this topic for my blog, I did a little research in an attempt to find similar projects. I found that this is something a lot of companies are catching on to . Guerilla marketing has become very popular, and there are now companies which exist solely to produce creative ways to advertise and distribute information. One marketing company called Go Gorilla Media creates innovative ways for clients to advertise their products or services. Take some time to look at some pictures from recent projects if you are unfamiliar with this topic. I also found an article called The Rise of Guerilla Media which explains new techniques in guerilla media, including the rising popularity of blogging. A similar and very interesting blog is Guerilla Innovation. This blog includes many cool and creative guerilla projects and inventions.

With that out of the way, I am now off to create some clever, fun, and cheap ways to spread my opinions all over this city (I live in San Jose)! Stay tuned...


Amanda Mac said...

I was in your class! (BECA 301) I did the skateboarding project. I totally understand what you were talking about in terms of group projects. My partners for that particular project worked out well, but in the past I too have experience the "group members from hell" I like your idea of keeping the project going!

Amanda Mac said...

I left that last comment before we were t old to include a link. However, I have just the perfect one


You can check out the stuff online, or you can go to the Adronico's Market on Irving to purchase the hard copy!